Edgy upgrade question

Foxy foxy at on-the-hill.me.uk
Thu Sep 21 15:11:38 UTC 2006

Vincent wrote:
> Hmm.. OK, I might just do that, just need to find a place to backup my 
> files to (and find out how to re-use my home partition).
> Thanks!
> On 9/21/06, *Harold Aling * <h.aling at home.nl <mailto:h.aling at home.nl>> 
> wrote:
>     Vincent wrote:
>     > Yes, but my problem is: I don't know which packages I installed from
>     > alternative repositories.
>     I upgraded my Dapper to Edgy yesterday and I now have ~200
>     packages that
>     want to be uninstalled, including lots of system libraries. I
>     hosed half
>     of my system before noticing it...
>     So if I'd were you, I'd backup your self-modified /etc files and your
>     /home/<username> and go for a fresh install!
>     Although I had some problems with the installer of Knot 3...
>     * Unable to select "no localization", so I selected "English"
>     * Partitioner doesn't start 99% of the time
>     * Random hangs when clicking forward so I've started then installer
>     dozens of times...
>     When you do get edgy running, things are much smoother...
>     -H-
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> Vincent 
there was a HOWTO about backing up a home directory. Frankly speaking 
you can just tar gzip it and burn on the dvd. Also it is a good idea to 
back up any customised files from you /etc and maybe you sources.list to 
keep track of unofficial repos you use. Once you've done it you may 
start installing Edgy. When you reach partitioning part do not reformat 
you home partition and assign it to /home. Reformat your root partition 
and that's it. If anything goes wrong you still have a backup of you 
home directory.

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