Speed up xubuntu by using more memory?

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at powercraft.nl
Fri Sep 15 12:30:37 UTC 2006

I heard somewhere that big linux programs have to load and calculate and 
create links to library's every time they start. This is one of the 
reasons why openoffice is so slow.

If it is possible to create a system that pre calculate these links and 
put them in a table that is loaded in the memory. It could be possible 
to speed up almost al linux programs especially the big ones.

You can use some thing like the updatedb an locate commands to gather al 
the dependencies of links for starting programs.

Maybe this will bring on a light to some guru. And create a innovative 
speed up system.

Maybe someone knows someone that have more knowledges about these thinks 
and give him this idea.

Aldous D. Penaranda wrote:
> Perhaps you're thinking of something along the lines of preloading
> apps if you have the memory? I'm not exactly sure, but I guess that
> would be possible/doable. :)
> On 9/15/06, Jelle de Jong <jelledejong at powercraft.nl> wrote:
>> No its great, i use 128MB with a system running for few days if I reboot
>> it is under 85 MB. (did some service tweaking).
>> If I reboot and start thunar openoffice thunderbird and firefox it is
>> still under 155 MB. So there is enough RAM. Only when printing documents
>> of 20MB and copy large photo's in buffers the memory is used a lot more.
>> But is there a way to take advantage of that!
>> Aldous D. Penaranda wrote:
>>> On 9/15/06, Jelle de Jong <jelledejong at powercraft.nl> wrote:
>>>> Is it possible to let xubuntu use more memory to become faster?
>>>> I now only use 128MB and it would be nice to run things totally from
>>>> memory if there is enough of it :-D. I also use vmware and give it 600
>>>> MB this works great to.
>>> Did you get that usage measurement (128MB) right after you logged in?
>>> I bet if you fire up some apps, that usage would increase. :)
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