Speed up xubuntu by using more memory?

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at powercraft.nl
Thu Sep 14 16:52:38 UTC 2006

I have xubuntu installed on a EPIA EN12000.

The the drivers do not work. I have no dolby surround or mic and no 
hotswap and no suspend and no tv out, no hdtv and no hdaudio and a few 
other things. I have placed a treat about these things on via arena. But 
i get the felling via is a company that lies a lot about there linux 
support. I use the latest kernel and the cvs openchrome 
drivers. But this is not the place to discus this so here is my real 
question. (it is nice to give of some steam :-D)

I do have 1 GIG DDR2 Memory and i thing also the new VIA 4V bus system 
(don't now if this is working under linux)

So I have a lot of fast memory and a slower 1,5 fanless CPU.
(total system is using 20W of power :-P )

Is it possible to let xubuntu use more memory to become faster?
I now only use 128MB and it would be nice to run things totally from 
memory if there is enough of it :-D. I also use vmware and give it 600 
MB this works great to.

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