strange problem with xubuntu Dapper on iMac G3 : no sound with beta, incorrect resolution with release

Jean-Charles VERDIE jcverdie at
Wed Sep 13 07:10:49 UTC 2006


I had installed xubuntu using beta-live dapper on my legacy imac G3
350 MHz (296 MB RAM, 80 GB HD).
After a dist-upgrade, Mac-On-Linux could not run any longer (darwin
panic), while osx still booted correctly. I decided to reinstall
xubuntu from scratch. What a bad idea ! Here is the result :
- using beta cd, I can have sound any more: impossible to insmod
anything about alsa
- using final dapper cd, I have sound, but xorg will not allow me any
resolution higher than 800x600 (the beta let me go at 1024 768).
xresprobe assesses that my card can't, but I know he's wrong...

I anyone has a hint to fix either the one or the other, I'll be glad
to re-reinstall and have my cute imac work again (I assume that the
remaining  MoL problem comes from a regression in yaboot...)


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