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Can i use this place as the correct place to be for bugs or
> feature request, or can you point me a another address.

This is a good place to raise issues such as yours which are not clear bug
but you could have just sent the 11th point today as the others arrived
yesterday as well ;)

> If I create a symbolic link for the desktop.
> like this: ln -s /mnt/hda3/desktop/ /home/jelle/Desktop

xfdesktop has a lot of corner cases when handling desktop icons.
Creating or moving the ~/Desktop folder is definitely one of them and not a
common operation. It's a bug, even if a minor one.

> I use the mail watcher panel item with a imap client. If I get a new
> mail it will change the icon. And if I click the icon it will start

I agree that it's pretty unintuitive but the upstream author feels it's the
right thing to do. I think we'll change this though for edgy as I prefer
the behaviour you describe and other people have said the same.

> 7--------------
> when playing a movie in xfmedia. the screen goes black (screenserver)
> after a
> while. I have to move the mouse or press a button to get the screen back
> how do i fix this? without disabling the screenserver of use the
> keyboard of mouse everytime.

I think gxine has this issue too. Xfmedia will be replaced for edgy so we
need to see how to fix this issue for gxine.

> If i create a xfce launcher for on the desktop or some were else.
> I can't use this in the commandline:
> ~/scripts/xkill.sh

The launchers conform to the Desktop Entry Specification which says
" The executable program can either be specified with its full path or with
the name of the executable only"


> The panel items like the volume control and the system load monitor and
> network monitor and battery monitor contain very nice bars. But  they do
> not have all the same height of spacing between them. This isn't a
> pretty side. It would be nice if they make them all the same with the
> same spacings between them ectzetra
> ------------

yes, known problem that the various panel plugins do not  obey a common
policy (there is none)
regarding look and feel. Hopefully this is slowly getting fixed upstream as
4.4 approaches.

> When i play a dvd movie with menu in xfmedia. It will hang a will when
> pressed a button in the menu to go to another part of the menu. (i think
> it will wait until the menu part is played and starts over again. if it
> starts again at the beginning the buttons will be active again.
> ------------

gxine will do better.

I did not answer the questions that do not pertain to xfce/xubuntu, someone
else may

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