Question about were to be for a kind of small bugs

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at
Tue Sep 5 19:07:45 UTC 2006

Fellow xubuntu-ers,

I have a question about the correct place to be for effective bugs or 
feature request.

I now the most fast way I directly to the developer. But it takes a lot 
of time to find them if you have lot of small things.

Please don't get me wrong I love xubuntu and I am a fanatic 
distributor/installer of ubuntu and xbuntu.

I will post a few here:

If I create a symbolic link for the desktop.
like this:
ln -s /mnt/hda3/desktop/ /home/jelle/Desktop

then will not automatic adjust to its contains. if you download a file 
to your desktop it will not be shown. But you have to let xfce re manage 
the desktop. (select and deselect the checkbox in the desktop preferences)

I use the mail watcher panel item with a imap client.
If I get a new mail it will change the icon. and if IO click on it it 
will start thunderbird and get the new emails. But the panel icon will 
still tell you that you have new mail. until the next check it will 
make. This is very annoying can't there be a checkbox in the properties 
that is will clear it state if the email program is loaded. (icon pressed)

I have gaim automatic started with xfce but it will not start minimised 
but will show itself and must be pressed away everytime.
How do i start gaim minimized?

if you copy something to the passed buffer. and close the file were you 
got the information form. The buffer will be empty again. (I have to use 
clipboard manager to get the information back in the passed buffer)
How do I prevent the passed buffer to be cleared if I close a application?

How do I create udev rule for ps/2 mouse
because of I can't get a driver working with a plain event. only mice 
event. If use a kvm switch it will lose the mouse when switching back
I have to use
sudo rmmod psmouse; gksudo modprobe psmouse to get it back
I tested with udev rules but this only work with usb events.
I cant get a ps/2 mouse working on plain events in xorg.
It has to use a mice or mouse event
how do I fix this

How do i get the current network speeds from the commandline?

when playing a movie. the screen goes black (screenserver) after a 
while. I have to move the mouse or press a button to get the screen back 
how do i fix this? without disabling the screenserver of use the 
keyboard of mouse everytime.

how do I set a program to use a maximum of 50% cpu power. if possible 
(it will be a innovative feature)

If i create a xfce launcher for on the desktop or some were else.
I can't use this in the commandline:
but i have to use this
or this
xterm -e ~/scripts/
It is not using the "~" correct, can this be fixed?

The panel items like the volume control and the system load monitor and 
network monitor and battery monitor contain very nice bars. But  they do 
not have all the same height of spacing between them. This isn't a 
pretty side. It would be nice if they make them all the same with the 
same spacings between them ect.

10 points for today, please help me out if you can.

Best regards,

Jelle de Jong

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