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Harold Aling h.aling at
Wed Oct 25 08:42:50 UTC 2006

Jani Monoses wrote:
>>  Too bad there isn't an "all users" desktop folder. Otherwise you could
>> consider putting the following icon there:
> That would mean having that icon there by default which was precisely
> what I tried to avoid :)
Last off-topic message: that way the icon (.desktop file) can be removed 
without breaking the translatable strings.

> Anyway edgy is frozen no more changes will be done.
> I hope that having an up-to-date site will help spread the word before
> future releases and make people try out betas and development versions
> so bugs don't start flowing in only after release when nothing can be
> done about them until the next release cycle.
IMHO, I think Xfce is not in a state that it can be launched already and 
that is due to too little people trying, testing and bug reporting... 
There are just too many small thingies/misbehaviours..

I'm no developer myself, so the least I can do to show my gratitude is 
to file bug reports... Although that can also be found very annoying ;) ...

> Jani

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