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Harold Aling h.aling at
Wed Oct 25 07:57:24 UTC 2006

Jani Monoses wrote:
> On 10/25/06, Harold Aling <h.aling at> wrote:
>> Jani Monoses wrote:
>>> Sorry about this, but I think it is better to not have them (as in
>>> dapper) as the folders can be added. Those who did not want them there
>>> could not remove them.
>>> Is it the trash icon or the two folders that you miss most?
>> I'd vote for the Thrash icon, as the other 2 should be manually
>> 'creatable' (?)
> As edgy is frozen is too late now for this.
> Trash can be put in the panel as it is in newer configs (if you
> modified your panel layout is is not picked up, but seen only in a
> clean upgrade).
> As for fs icon this worked for me.
> ln -s / /home/jani/Desktop/filesystem
Too bad there isn't an "all users" desktop folder. Otherwise you could 
consider putting the following icon there:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=File System
Exec=thunar /

> xfdesktop DnD still has some bugs. I think by not putting those icons
> there some are harder to trigger now :)

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