Any ideas for the websites?

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at
Wed Oct 25 07:33:00 UTC 2006

Hi Vincent,

I took a crack at it. Good work keep working.

I would change te link when clicking on the image to open a big screenshots.

Also I would add a screenshots menu entry and put a link to a new page 
there and order there all links to different screens pages.

Also the forum is down and there is no link entry on the website.

The entry for downloads also must be one entry. Linking to one page that 
contains links and explanations to the different download versions and 
try not to open new windows but render it in your "main frame" of the site.

Also the website must be more user orientated.
Why would someone come to your website?
Why should a user use xubuntu?
What can a user do with xubuntu?
Were can a user find support?



Vincent wrote:
> Now that the new Xubuntu site is up, Adam, Jonathan and me have been 
> adding a few things to it.
> However, if anyone has any other ideas, please tell, because a great 
> distribution should be represented by a great website, which can't be 
> created without the community ;)
> -- 
> Vincent

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