[Fwd: Xubuntu Forums on Xubuntu.org]

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 14:42:21 UTC 2006

I think using ubuntuforums.org is best for now, as that is alreday run
and does not need extra resources. Many issues will probably not be
xfce specific but concern the hardware support, base system or apps
form universe which are common with ubuntut.
So it's better to keep the knowledge in a single place. There are
alreday xubuntu discussions on the forums no need to move them
somewhere else.

> Should we consider having a xubuntu users email list? I do feel some
> specifcally xubuntu community user support thing (forum, mailing list;
> is there an irc channel?) would be a good idea.

This list should be it, since it low traffic and mostly about user
support anyway, it is misnamed that's all :)
But ubuntu-users has been used so farl for xubuntu questions as well
and it looks to me like that is a good place to keep it as xubuntu and
ubuntu have quite a lot of apps in common even besides the base system
(the latest addition which went unannounced and possibly unnoticed
being gnome-app-install)


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