jmak jozmak at
Tue Oct 17 19:01:59 UTC 2006

On 10/17/06, Dennis Kaarsemaker <dennis at> wrote:
> On di, 2006-10-17 at 14:12 -0400, jmak wrote:
> > Anyhow, I upgraded and uploaded all three usplashes
> > 800x600
> > 1024x768
> > 1365x768
> Hi joz,
> When producing art, please keep an eye on the art team list, especially
> the following is important for you:
> --

Hi Dennis,

Does this mean that, in addition to the optional ones I still have to
create the ones below,

640x480, 16 colors, scaled to 640x400
640x480, 256 colors

or the optional ones are good enough.

The ones (the optional ones) I've designed are all black except a
pinch of dark blue behind the logo in order to make the black mouse

Anyhow, do I understand the requirements right?


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