A few annoyances in Xubuntu beta

kpaliran at cc.jyu.fi kpaliran at cc.jyu.fi
Mon Oct 16 12:12:28 UTC 2006

  Some of these annoyances would probably require adding a report to
Launchpad or XFCE bug tracker, but since at least one of them could well be
hardware-specific, I just wanted to check that I'm not the only one
noticing. None show up in Dapper, however...

1)In "Check CD for defects" on the desktop-CD menu, the text that
announces whether or not there are any failed checksums is too dark to be
readable or noticeable unless monitor brightness is set very high -> a
person with a less bright monitor could easily think the check just

2) Unless I boot the system with the default resolution and refresh rate
set at the installation or the boot of the desktop-CD, there is a small
(ca. 2x2 cm / 1x1 inch) square shaped graphics glitch in the top left
corner of the screen. The glitch consists of black vertical lines at
uneven distance from each other, and any other graphics (e.g. icons) on
the area of the glitch are partially covered by it and their colour is
heavily altered. If I boot with nondefault monitor settings and then
change to default, the glitch won't go away. Interestingly, if I move any
desktop icon, create new desktop icon, or view pictures in fullscreen with
GQview and then return to non-fullscreen mode, the glitch vanishes and
stays away for that session - so redrawing the desktop helps. And no,
removing the upper taskbar won't help. (I'll check for this in Ubuntu in
the next few days, if possible)

3)Double-clicking an icon for the inserted USB-stick or data-CD on the
desktop won't mount either one of the medias. Double-clicking USB-stick
icon doesn't do anything at all, while double-click on the CD icon opens
Thunar in the /media/cdrom, but unmounted and naturally showing no
contents. When I choose "open" in the right-click menu, both the USB-stick
and the CD get mounted and Thunar is opened in the right directory, so
everything works fine...there are also no problems at all at mounting or
unmounting either through the right click menu. Audio CDs still remain
undetected by Thunar and won't be popped up to the desktop either, but
that's a known problem/missing feature, if I remember right.

4) There are no borders between application minimized to the task bar
(task list), making it harder to distinguish between the apps. If this is
the default behaviour in Xfce rc1, I wonder why. Couldn't find anything
about this on the Xfce forums or the bug database, though.


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