Does Xubuntu Live CD carry openoffice?

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Mon Oct 16 07:49:27 UTC 2006

xubuntu-devel-bounces at 写于 2006-10-16 13:07:10:
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> > The answer is: Yes, Xubuntu DOES come with OpenOffice.
> Right, as you say it is on the alternate CD but not installed. OO
> Writer was on the LiveCD as
> well for some time pulled in by mistake by the language support
> packages via the help files
> Now instead of the language support packages I am going to put
> ffox/tbird locales only on the CD so the large OO help files are not
> there and pull OOo in.

While you think its a "bug" to include OO in Xubuntu, I appreciate this
"feature", And I do think the developers of the Xubuntu are so kind to
provide the OO on the CD.

I have a faily old computer, but I feel OO suite isn't much slower than the
alternatives if you turn off the Java support. I for one think it is
indispensable if you really need a word processor at all.

It would be painful to install any version of Ubuntu, since none of the
Ubuntu distribution contains something fundamental such as the
language-support. Note that download the ISO image is very fast, I can use
multithreaded download and the peer-to-peer download. However, download
things within apt-get is unacceptably slow. It takes only 2 hours to
download the cd ISO image (sometimes half an hour would be enough), but it
takes 6 to 8 hours for me to download the language-support! (you know the
language support is no more than 1/10 of the cd ISO)

If the alternative install CD contains less packages, users will have to
download more packages with apt-get (which is much much slower for me).

So, I'd like the alternative install CD has as much packages as possible,
if people do not want all of them, just do not install them by default. As
I can install them if I need them.

Sincerely, Pan, Shi Zhu. ext: 2606

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