Does Xubuntu Live CD carry openoffice?

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Mon Oct 16 00:58:27 UTC 2006

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> Hi,
> I am bit puzzled about this. I had tried Xubunu Live CD (dapper) a
> few weeks ago, and couldn't find on it. When I looked at
> manifest, it had some help/l10n files, but not the programs
> themselves, apparently. Was it skipped for that release?
> The new manifest (for the daily-live CD) doesn't have the help
> files, and seems to be completely free of OO, which reflects in its
> smaller size.
> Is it an explicit decision not to include OO? If so, since this is a
> very useful program, especially so since some first time users may
> find them useful to make the transition, wouldn't it be a good idea
> to include the OO suite?
> Thanks and keep up the good work.
> -Ven
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The answer is: Yes, Xubuntu DOES come with OpenOffice.

I personally recommend the Alternative Install CD to almost ALL users since
it's much more versatile.

The Openoffice is included in the Alternative Install CD but it is not
installed by default, if you installed the Ubuntu with the alternative
install cd, you can just insert your alternative CD and install openoffice
from synaptics, aptitude or apt-get (try something like "sudo apt-get
install openoffice"), and the openoffice will be installed into your system
from the Alternative Install CD.

If you installed with the Live CD, then you'll have two solution:

1. use "sudo apt-get install openoffice" and download it from the internet.
2. add the alternative cd into repository and use "sudo apt-get install
openoffice" will install from the alternative cd.

Sincerely, Pan, Shi Zhu. ext: 2606

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