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Jari Rahkonen jari.rahkonen at pp1.inet.fi
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Jani Monoses kirjoitti:
> On 10/11/06, Ronald Stewart <ronaldjstewart at gmail.com> wrote:
>> how do I take my logo and make it the splash screen?
>> thanks
> It is not easy. You have to have a png file of a certain size and
> format containing frames and then turn it into a C struct which is
> included in a file and complied to a .so.
> The xfce4-session package handles this, and the code is not (yet) able
> to load a png at runtime and play it, but relies on this build-time
> conversion. I don't know if it's done this way for a small speed gain
> or because at the time the code was written there was no animation API
> in GTK.

Or you can just use the "simple" splash theme and configure it to use
your own image file. This can be done via the configuration dialog.

> Jani

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