panshizhu at routon.com panshizhu at routon.com
Wed Nov 29 01:19:02 UTC 2006

xubuntu-devel-bounces at lists.ubuntu.com 写于 2006-11-28 02:02:03:
> Hi all,
> I've created an artwork wiki that sums up a plan aiming at getting the
> artwork done for faisty default look and feel.


It seems to be too saturated. IMO a general-purpose background should be
neutral, i.e. the saturation should be low. See the default wallpaper of
Xubuntu Dapper, the default wallpaper for Xubuntu Dapper is fantastic and
it is way better than the default wallper of Ubuntu Dapper and Kubuntu

Sincerely, Pan, Shi Zhu. ext: 2606

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