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Mon Nov 20 21:32:31 UTC 2006

I actually use wifi-radar for my wireless and it didn't appear to install
any dependencies that didn't come with the standard desktop install. It
appears to be written in python (which actually makes my day).


On 11/20/06, foxy at <foxy at> wrote:
> I came across a very nice alternative to network-manager, called
> 'connection-manager'. As I understand it does not have Gnome
> dependencies and therefore could be a nice wireless tool for Xubuntu.
> The thread on the forum
> You may want to contact the guy who made it to find more details. I
> think he would also appreciate any advice in terms of development. The
> programme is obviously in beta or even pre-beta state, but it works
> fine on my laptop and solves an annoying issue with network-manager to
> enter WPA key every time I need to connect wirelessly.
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