more than 128 M needed for liveCD

kpaliran at kpaliran at
Tue Nov 7 20:35:57 UTC 2006

> The data will probably be the smallest amount of mem I succeeded booting
with. It'd be helpful if people who
> actually encountered the bug provide this data though...

Just booted an installed Edgy system (a few services turned off) with 64Mb
RAM. No problems, even the boot time wasn't noticeably higher than with
normal 192Mb on that system. Not a clean install, though, but an upgrade
from Dapper.

Desktop-CD booted with 128Mb, but there are no panels. Otherwise seemed to
work - funny, there was plenty of memory available, and with 192Mb it
worked fine. Used an old CD-drive to boot the CD-RW desktop-CD -> reading
speed is probably something like 2x at maximum - any possibility of some
timeout here? Dapper desktop-CD had no problems (a CD-R -> booted way
faster). Overall memory usage  without cache with Dapper was about 79Mb,
with Edgy about 81Mb (no panels), measured simply with 'free' right after
boot, naturally with terminal launched.


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