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Tue Nov 7 19:04:48 UTC 2006

On 11/7/06, Adam Miller <maxamillion at> wrote:
> Jani,
>      Fair enough. I will agree that I would like to see samba support in
> Thunar or atleast a plugin written for it. I would like to see Feisty be our
> boost into the realm of the others and I plan to do my best to be very
> active in its progress. Also, I heard rumor of beryl taking over as the
> window manager for Feisty, any truth in this?

You're very welcome to help. Actually I'd like many more people starting to
contribute regularly in various aspects of xubuntu development.
Just as with the website we need small and not necessarily disjoint teams
concentrating on
 - constant bug triaging and coordination with xfce bugzilla
 - artwork
 - documentation
 - possibly packaging work

The main difference I'dlike to see from dapper and edgy is these teams being
autonomous and on top of these areas the best they can with no dependency on
my or someone else's opinion but based on community feedback and working
very close with the respective ubuntu teams making sure artwork and doc and
related administrivia or technical details are taken care of.
A requirement for all development work is these people running feisty as
soon as possible in the release cycle otherwise things get slowed down.
Jonathan also said he'd try arranging regular Q&A session with volunteer
community people so we have less random bug reporting patterns

As for beryl, the beryl devs are here currently at UDS Mountain View, and
this is one of the items being discussed and high priority for feisty. It
remain to be seen how it will work out, the specs are at

I am not sure how this will affect xubuntu, we will definitely not drop
default xfwm4 but AFAIK beryl integrates nicely with xfce. As with most
areas we wait to see how ubuntu's side of the work pans out.

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