more than 128 M needed for liveCD

Matías Szeftel mszeftel at
Tue Nov 7 07:17:31 UTC 2006

I think that Xubuntu should get rid of the "old-hardware" selling point.
And this new issue it's just something that imho adds up to other old
hardware issues. I have a Celeron 300Mhz, 256 MB, 6 GB disk, DYN
keyboard and serial mouse. The live cd won't work because of the legacy
mouse. Using the alternate CD I had several problems with the key repeat
bug in the gdm login screen (don't know if this is software or hardware
bug, but it doesn't happen on my main machine (not so old)).
So, tired of all this I decided to go with Debian Testing and configure
all by hand.
I was going to have to do it with Xubuntu also, so what was the point?
It wasn't much faster, but at least I wasn't frustrated with the distro
I've also tried other distributions like Vector Linux and DSL that are
much better than Debian for old hardware.

So, unless we start saying what is old hardware and what is ancient, I'd
get rid of the "old hardware" selling point.
Is it lighter than ubuntu or kubuntu? Yes, it sure is! And I drink to
that. But it may be almost as slow or hard to configure on old (or
ancient) hardware.

Just my two cents.
Sorry for my english and long live Xubuntu.

Regards, Mat¨ªas
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