Brian Lawson brianrlawson at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 2 22:51:27 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I had a short exchange with Jani, and he suggested bringing this topic to this forum.  I currently own xubuntuguide.org and would be happy to donate this domain name and web hosting space for a Xubuntu setup wiki.  I love ubuntuguide.org
 and find it extremely useful.  I think the Xubuntu project would also benefit from the same sort of specific step-by-step tutorials for non-expert users like myself.  Specifically, my selfish motivations would be for xubuntuguide.org to offer instructions for installing non-GTK-dependent or otherwise lightweight alternatives of common software.

I'd be willing to give over complete administrative control of that wiki (in fact, I wouldn't want to administrate it!) and use of my hosting with no strings attached...I just want to donate back to the Xubuntu community.

Jani's opinion was to keep that sort of doc/tutorial on xubuntu.org and have xubuntuguide.org redirect there, and I absolutely respect that.  So, before I did anything "against the grain", I wanted to get the opinion of the Xubuntu community.


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