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Thu Nov 2 16:12:10 UTC 2006

Now that I have read more on the issue I feel that Dapper shouldn't be
touched until Xfce4.4 is released as stable and once it is, compile a
version for dapper and one for edgy, package them and place them in their
respective repositories because that way neither is still running a Beta/RC.
I understand "don't fix what isn't broken", but I think that applies to
finished projects and while Xfce4.4 is usable in its current state I am
certain it will be rock solid once their dev team releases it as stable.
Just a thought.


On 11/2/06, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote:
> Otherwise, if you start putting newer versions of XFCE in 6.06, which by
> > this groups own admission are not as fully tested as they could be
> > (because of lack of time and support), you run the risk of a) breaking
> > something else and b) potentially having to support multiple versions of
> > Xubuntu 6.06.
> >
> I agree with all you have said. I'd rather keep working on feisty only
> with no updates to edgy/dapper
> and leave that to the backports team. There are no critical (data loss or
> security) bugs in xubuntu
> dapper or edgy and only those are supposed to get into updates even if for
> ubuntu dapper this rule is
> not strictly observed. There are annoying crashers which get fixed as well
> and maybe others.
> OTOH I can feel that being left with a version which could be made better
> with a few well chosen updates
> is not ideal either. It's hard to define what is truly serios/annoying
> problem and what isn't. If we look at complaints
> and bug reports besides the menu being lost in early dapper there was no
> other bug which deserved an update IMO.
> Jani
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