Joeb jmbraddock at
Thu Nov 2 13:09:55 UTC 2006

Foxy wrote:
> but we are not talking about a new version of xfce, but bugfixes for a 
> existing...
> also xfce is different from Gnome as it is purely community based 
> project without any firm deadlines and roadmaps. They almost code it for 
> themselves. So it is difficult to sync it with xubuntu release cycle...

I'm more of a lurker,  here, but  I'd be very careful about deviating 
too far from the intention of specific Ubuntu releases (ie. 6.06 being 
LTS) if you are trying to convince people that Xubuntu is based on 
Ubuntu instead of being a fork.

Otherwise, if you start putting newer versions of XFCE in 6.06, which by 
this groups own admission are not as fully tested as they could be 
(because of lack of time and support), you run the risk of a) breaking 
something else and b) potentially having to support multiple versions of 
Xubuntu 6.06.

It seems a much more sensible approach, albeit, not as pallatable for 
6.06 users who are wanting XFCE 4.4, would be to leave 6.06 at it's 
current XFCE version and supply patches for critical bug fixes (which 
might happen to be the 4.4 packages in some or most cases), but save the 
latest version for the latest release or Xubuntu.

This would mean the Xubuntu team would not have to focus testing 4.4 on 
multiple version of the distro and could concentrate on getting it to 
work correctly on the current, or planned released version.  There is 
nothing stopping anybody running 6.06 or 6.10 from changing their 
respository and updating the XFCE packages (and then changing the 
repository back, of course).  That process just wouldn't be officially 

Also, wouldn't doing this require a whole new repository for 6.06?  Do 
we have our own repository or do we use the Ubuntu repository?  I ask, 
because it is Ubuntu that pledges the LTS with 6.06, and they might just 
not want something, such as a new desktop environment, that has the 
potential to break other things added, unless it was to fix serious bugs.

In short, while I understand the desire to have the latest XFCE in all 
versions of Xubuntu, given the limited resources available and the 
external considerations, it seems that it would be best to focus on 
having the latest XFCE in the latest release of Xubuntu.

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