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Thu Nov 2 08:54:03 UTC 2006

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Matthew Kuiken kirjoitti:
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> To toss in my 2 cents, I think any backporting should be done to the 
> most recent version.  The reason dapper has a long support life is not 
> so that it can get all the latest features, but because it needs the 
> stability and reliability that comes with tried and tested code. 
> Backporting something with as many changes as the final XFCE will have 
> probably runs counter to this philosophy, as just the act of backporting 
> it will create many new bugs.  The point of the long support life time 
> is to fix security issues, and major bugs.  The more changes that are 
> made, the more chances there are for new bugs to be created, thus 
> changes to the LTS should be exactly what is necessary, nothing more.
> Ubuntu will not change from Gnome 2.14 or from the 2.6.15 kernel for the 
> entire three year period.  I see no reason why Xubuntu should make a 
> change that amounts to a kernel or gnome upgrade either.
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I fully agree. An LTS release is only supposed to get critical bug fixes
and security updates. Anything else should go to Feisty (with backports
to Edgy in some cases).

> -Matt

- - Jari
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