Matthew Kuiken matt.kuiken at
Thu Nov 2 07:38:21 UTC 2006

eddie at wrote:
> It's different for Ubuntu (at least that's my opinion).  Dapper is running
> 2.14.2 or .3 which was the stable at that release and Edgy is running
> 2.16.1 which is stable at it's release.  Xubuntu is running beta2/rc1 of
> XFCE why not keep updating until the final 4.4 is out? Why not release
> xubuntu with until 4.4 is out then?  Are they backporting Edgy's
> version of XFCE to Dapper then?  

The main difference is in the time-based versus features based release 
cycle.  Ubuntu and Gnome use a time based release cycle.  6 months, and 
there is a new version.  Debian (and I think XFCE) use a features based 
release cycle.  They decide which features they want, and don't create a 
release until all those features are ready.

To toss in my 2 cents, I think any backporting should be done to the 
most recent version.  The reason dapper has a long support life is not 
so that it can get all the latest features, but because it needs the 
stability and reliability that comes with tried and tested code. 
Backporting something with as many changes as the final XFCE will have 
probably runs counter to this philosophy, as just the act of backporting 
it will create many new bugs.  The point of the long support life time 
is to fix security issues, and major bugs.  The more changes that are 
made, the more chances there are for new bugs to be created, thus 
changes to the LTS should be exactly what is necessary, nothing more.

Ubuntu will not change from Gnome 2.14 or from the 2.6.15 kernel for the 
entire three year period.  I see no reason why Xubuntu should make a 
change that amounts to a kernel or gnome upgrade either.

For reference in case anyone cares, my Xubuntu machine still runs 
Dapper, while I have upgraded my Ubuntu machine to Edgy...  The Xubuntu 
machine is the backup/server.  Even if you backport 4.4 final to Dapper, 
I wouldn't upgrade to it, for the same reason that I will not be using 
Edgy on that machine.


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