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Thu May 25 20:55:17 UTC 2006

Vincent <imnotb at> wrote:I don't think the size matters a lot, as it can be changed easily. But I absolutely wouldn't go for autohide, it can be very annoying and its worse to be unable to discover how to turn it off than how to turn it on.

                                        From the visual point of view it matters, because features dont blend smoothly with the rest degrades the product. 
    Where did you get this auto-hiding thing? I've never mentioned that anywhere.
    J. Mak

 On 5/24/06, Oblio <apa.chioara at> wrote: > Yesterday, I looked up the osdir screenshot gallery and just noticed how
> disproportionately large xubuntu panels are. I think this should be changed
> to be like the gnome panel. Gnome panel size is around 26 or 28 units. 

If Xubuntu is going for the Gnome look, smaller panels would be ok.
If it's going for an Xfce look, a larger lower panel with autohide
should be just as ergonomic (it's my favourite :P).
But then again, a hiding panel could cause some distress :) 


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