Bug: Xarchiver 0.3.2 disapeers while opening tar.bz2 files.& About the xarchiver.pot

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Sat May 20 16:46:54 UTC 2006

> Hello, I downloaded some themes and skin files form xfce look website.
> 1. Some of them come with tar.bz2 extension.
>   I had try to launch xarchiver from application menu and also trought the
> right click menu in Thunar with open by xarchiver for opening archivers.
>   I've tested *.bz2 , *.tar.gz , *.gz, they all ok on accessing and
> extracting.
> This situation just happen on tar.bz2.

thanks for the report.

2. I have traced the "svn.xfce.org" and used "sudo apt-get source xarchiver"
> to get the xarchiver.pot from Internet.
> And then I try to l10nize it ,after installed the compiled xarvhiver.mo to
> my loceles's ~/LC_Messeages/ and launched xarchiver.
> I found the pot file didn't include all the interface's strings.
> Most fo the non-included strings show in menu and the file browser window.
> I've compare some versions's xarchiver.pot, is that a problem caused with
> gettext or something ?
> Sorry I can't read the codes, I'm just a po translator, even I've try to
> trace the .c files and find the untranslated strings in the sources.
> I've try to manually add those l10n information and recompile a mo and
> reinstalled but still not works.
> It just wired that xarchiver doesn't have enough strings of interface and
> menu and so on for L10n works.
> Can anyone try to tell my how I can do for this problem ?

the best way is to contact xarchiver upstream on the xfce4 i18n mailing
list. However they are not working on a new branch of xarchiver and I don't
think they'll change much on the 0.3 series. But for translating the current
package even with missing pot entries you can go to
and start translating what is in dapper now. Although I am not sure how much
time is left till rosetta translation freeze.

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