Why does Xubuntu desktop look like GNOME?

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Wed May 17 13:33:06 UTC 2006

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> On 5/3/06, colmcd at optusnet.com.au <colmcd at optusnet.com.au> wrote:
> Well, if that's what Xubuntu is all about, then it would appear that I've
> done barked up the wrong tree. I just find myself at great odds with the
> idea and the attempt to make Ubuntu or Xubuntu "like Windows". Therefore
> I'll simply go back to Debian and get what I'm looking for... besides, many
> of the Ubuntu/Xubuntu developers' improvements do find their way in one form
> or another back into improvements to Debian. I just hope that the current
> Debian testing will support my hardware as effortlessly as did Xubuntu and
> Ubuntu.
> You see, I like not to be forced to delve into manual configuration of
> everything up an installation; at the least it's anticlimatic. But if what
> I'm getting at the end of the install isn't what I thought it'd be, then all
> bets are off. I thought that Xubuntu's loyalty was greater towards XFCE than
> Ubuntu, and while this thread has found like-minded support, it has also
> found criticism proving to me that Xubuntu's main desire is primarily to
> create Ubuntu's little brother that can run on old crap hardware and could
> care less about the software it uses.
> The description of Xubuntu on xubuntu.org says:
> Xubuntu is a complete GNU/Linux based system with an Ubuntu base. It's
> lighter, and more efficient than Ubuntu with GNOME or KDE, since it uses the
> Xfce Desktop environment, which makes it ideal for old or low-end machines,
> as well as thin-client networks.
> Perhaps I should have read more into the fact that XFCE is scarcely
> mentioned as an afterthought like, "Oh yeah by the way we use XFCE for
> this." Why even bother mentioning it if no respect or loyalty is shown in
> the final product? I mean it's not like some n00b cares what the underlying
> deskop environment is.
> By the way, you guys in the outback should really upgrade your hardware.

I think Xubuntu is quite loyal towards Xfce - ubuntu lite should also be called IceUbuntu for loyality reasons. I think it's ok with the intention of giving Ubuntu experience for users of legacy HW. I just like the original look better and thought the breezy way will be kept, but I agree with the devs' arguments.


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