Call for translating xubuntu documentation

Matthew East mdke at
Sun May 14 22:13:51 UTC 2006

Hi all,

It's quite late on in the release cycle, but the documentation for
xubuntu (the desktop guide) is now translatable from Rosetta.

Just do your best to translate some of it. Although the freeze for the
release is this week, we will try and include some updated translations
after the release.

Just a reminder: don't forget the Ubuntu and Kubuntu documentation here:

All of the documentation requires that the preface.pot template in
ubuntu-docs is translated. And if you want a localised website on you need to translate the website-index
template in ubuntu-docs.


PLEASE remember that all tags (for example <ulink url="blah">) must be
left IDENTICAL, otherwise I have to spend hours fixing broken
translations. That includes things like <xref
linkend="add-applications"/> - just leave them exactly the same. (If you
have time, please go back and fix the strings where you may have
forgotten this rule, it will save me lots of time!)


mdke at
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