It's time to start finalizing the look and feel of the desktop

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Mon May 8 01:25:53 UTC 2006

                                        Hi all,
    1). During the weekend Daniele and I discussed theming xubuntu. As a result, I came up with the following theme.

    The blues reflect our color scheme; I choose, as the basic color, a neutral grey, slightly warmish. The engine is ubuntulooks.

    2).  I also would like to bring up once again the gimp splash issue; the present one is amateurish.  Though, Daniele told me that changing it is not that simple, nonetheless, I post the one I have created and suggest using as replacement. 
    Mine is less than half the size, 62kb, of the original, which is 161kb. It includes the gimp logo and an artwork-a brush.  If you want to try it out drop the image to /usr/share/gimp/2.0/images folder; delete the default and rename the new one "gimp-splash.png"

    The rationale behind: Splash screen has similar function like a logo, it announces a product; it is unique in that it has to do this within a relatively short period of time; depending on the computer you have. On mine the gimp boots up in about 5 seconds. Therefore, to be effective the artwork should be simple, otherwise, it cannot make an impact within that short time frame. Professional applications (Adobe, Macromedia) use very plain splash screens with their logo and some artwork that relates to the function of the product. Adobe, for instance, uses a stylized feather image as their artwork.

    3). Jani, when will the animation with the new colors be available for update? I am asking this because when the artwork is in place it is better to judge and see how it fits in with the rest and that it needs further adjustment. 
    By the way, I tweaked the colors of the "usplash" and the "GDM background" and updated them in the steel folder, I recommend using these. I just lightened up the colors a bit.

    4). And lastly, I would like to draw everyone's attention to a very nice firefox theme, which I recommend using as default. Ubuntu too, it seems, is going to use his theme but the human version. The themer makes three versions: Human, Tangerine and Tango. Download the Tango version and try it out to see how it goes with xubuntu.

    You can get it from here;

    J. Mak
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