Any way to disable move maximized windows?

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Sat May 6 23:45:46 UTC 2006

Am Sun, 7. May 2006 01:18 schrieb S.W.B.:
> Hello,
> My biggest complaint about XFCE (actually xfwm4) is that it allows you
> to move maximized windows.  
You are talking about moving a maximised window by pressing 
Or did I miss you here?

BTW. You may drag a maximized window with

> All day long I find myself going to scroll a window from a scrollbar on the
> right side, and I end up grabbing the window border instead and resizing my
> window.  

> It is exquisitely irritating.  To the best of my knowledge, there's no way
> to disable this, whereas in Gnome and KDE and Windows, it's not allowed by
> default.  
What is not allowed? Resizing a maximized window?

> That's the way it should be.  Yes, there are mousewheels, but 
> many people running Xubuntu have old hardware, and old laptops, with no
> mousewheels.  
You tried the (<Ctrl>)<Up>, (<Ctrl>)<Down>; (<Ctrl>)<PgUp>, (<Ctrl>)<PgDown> 

> This is such an irritating problem, that it almost justifies hacking the
> xfwm4 code to fix it. 

I would asume you only run into a 'dont know the right way to do this' 
Hope I don't misunderstand your problem here.


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