Adding printers vs Xubuntu philosphy

Colin McDermott colmcd at
Sat May 6 01:19:54 UTC 2006

Joe Braddock wrote:
> I know that Xubuntu is striving to keep itself Gnome free.  And I
> respect and appreciate that.  However I would like to offer the
> suggestion of using the Ubuntu printing tools to add/remove printers to
> Xubuntu.  Even though it would mean having something with Gnome
> dependencies I think that the when faced with not being able to offer a
> core function (easy printing configuration) we should err on having the
> Gnome dependencies (with the goal being to move to eventually
> eliminating them).
> Joe Braddock

Make a script that adds sudo adduser cupsys shadow and restarts cups 
then runs the webmin interface.

Then once the webmin interface is finished

sudo remuser cupsys shadow and restart cups.

You could probably restrict cups to only accepting access from 
(I am sure I saw that in the config file).

What do you think?

Colin McDermott
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