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Fri May 5 18:51:50 UTC 2006

On Fri, 5 May 2006 21:27:22 +0300
Eero Tamminen <oak at> wrote:

> Hi,
> On Thursday 04 May 2006 23:34, Jani Monoses wrote:
> > > I was wondering what the absolute minimum requirements for Xubuntu is.
> > > I have an old 486/66 SX with 64mb ram.
> > > Is it possible to get it working on that one?
> > > I figured i ask before i try it :)
> >
> > I don't think that is going to work. I have it working slowly on a 64M
> > machine but it's a 600MHz Celeron.
> > Try a server install (just base system without X) and then install X and
> > icewm or fluxbox or something similarly small.
> If something similar to Win9x is wanted (because that is familiar to
> more people), I would recommend IceWM.
> Attached are some things about how I'm running it on a P166:
> - /etc/inittab runs X server
> - /etc/init.d/startx is linked to run level 5 to start the IceWM X session
>   under "user" user
> - /etc/init.d/ is script called by startx to setup environment
>   variables (display, locale etc) and to run icewm-session
> (If you want to use them, you need to edit last two a bit)
> This way I don't need gdm display manager and X session is started directly
> at bootup with correct user (i.e. this is not suitable for multiuser setup).
> This saves even more memory than replacing XFCE desktop with IceWM
> window manager.
> If you want to save slightly more memory, run icewm directly instead of
> icewm-session (it starts two additional programs) from the
> To be able to shutdown the machine without display manager, you would need
> to set following things in IceWM preferences file:
> #  Command to start logout
> LogoutCommand="sudo /sbin/halt"
> #  Command to shutdown the system
> ShutdownCommand="sudo /sbin/halt"
> And add to /etc/sudoers file the information that your user should be able
> to run "/sbin/halt" with sudo.
> > Only if that is tolerable try xfce but I doubt it will work
> I'm currently running icewm instead of xfce.  Could you mail the result
> of "top -b -n 1" for your system so that we could discuss on the list what
> is actually hogging the memory in Xubuntu... :-)
> 	- Eero

Well i tried it.
My biggest problem, as it turned out, is figuring out how to install, well, anything, on it..
It doesnt boot from cd (no such option in bios) and the network card i have in it is not recognized so i cant do a network install.
So either i have to edit some files to do a installation directly ffrom the harddrive or try to figure out how to get the installer to recognize my ISA ethernet card.
The card is: 3com Etherlink III 3c509b-tpo

If anyone have any suggestions i will gladly try it :)

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