Adding printers vs Xubuntu philosphy

Eero Tamminen oak at
Fri May 5 18:06:10 UTC 2006


On Friday 05 May 2006 19:32, Luzi Thoeny wrote:
> > I know that Xubuntu is striving to keep itself Gnome free.  And I
> > respect and appreciate that.  However I would like to offer the
> > suggestion of using the Ubuntu printing tools to add/remove printers to
> > Xubuntu.  Even though it would mean having something with Gnome
> > dependencies I think that the when faced with not being able to offer a
> > core function (easy printing configuration) we should err on having the
> > Gnome dependencies (with the goal being to move to eventually
> > eliminating them).
> >
> > Joe Braddock
> i see your point, but gnome-cups-manager has *really* a lot of
> dependencies:

Hm.  Doesn't seem to be significantly more than with any other gnome

Why you're avoiding Gnome dependencies?

I tested some gnome programs (e.g. epiphany and dia)
on P166 with 96MB of RAM and:
- Epiphany didn't use more memory than Firefox (considering that
  more of it's libs are shared with the other Gtk programs)
- Dia which has gnome deps, worked quite OK

Gnome deps don't affect particularly the performance of the program,
when compared to plain Gtk version, except slightly for the startup speed.

Memory usage is increased (besides additional deps, they have more features,
such as printing), but if you compare their memory usage e.g. to running
Firefox, I don't see (m)any of them using more memory.  I.e. user can still
run the programs and they are responsive, if he just doesn't run too many
of them at the same time.

Because there are additional libraries, more space is used from the
ISO-image/CD/harddrive, but as libraries are shared, it's only one-time
increase of (tens of) megs(?).

What *can* be a problem is that if the applications require other processes
to run at the same time (gconf, gnome-vfs etc) *and* those processes don't
quit when last client accessing them quits.  I.e. the system is constantly
using more memory than "required".

The main issue I had with both Gtk and Gnome programs was that their
menus (+submenus) were pretty slow to open and close (on P166...).  Dialogs
were also slow to open, but they are used less often than menus, so it
wasn't annoying.

	- Eero

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