Applications menu and sound

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Thu May 4 20:51:33 UTC 2006

> 1- In last login I resized panel's size (from 34 to 25), and now menu
> "Applications" do NOT appear, only Firefox icon. What can I do to menu
> appear again?

does resizing the panel back still not show it? It probably got killed and
needs tobe restarted then.
Just add it again to the panel using the 'add item'  entry of the context
If you can reproduce it disappearing file a bug in LP using the required

2- I can't hear 2 sounds at the same time. Eg: if I'm hearing music
> (something like "mpg321 bla.mp3") and receive a message in GAIM, the
> sound of GAIM play AFTER mpg321 play "bla.mp3". How can I solve this
> problem?

do two simultaneous mpg123 runs both work? This should be done by ALSA now.
what is gaim set to use? Look in gaim preferences/sound/sound method.
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