Applications menu and sound

Álvaro Justen [Turicas] alvarojusten at
Thu May 4 19:41:31 UTC 2006

*Excuse me, I sent an unfinished mail.
Here is it:

I installed daily version (28/04/2006) of Xubuntu and did # apt-get

1- In last login I resized panel's size (from 34 to 25), and now menu
"Applications" do NOT appear, only Firefox icon. What can I do to menu
appear again?

2- I can't hear 2 sounds at the same time. Eg: if I'm hearing music
(something like "mpg321 bla.mp3") and receive a message in GAIM, the
sound of GAIM play AFTER mpg321 play "bla.mp3". How can I solve this problem?

 Álvaro Justen [Turicas]

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