Why does Xubuntu desktop look like GNOME?

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Mon May 1 12:03:44 UTC 2006

> Ok, I have nothing against those goals, but the branding of Xubuntu is
> confusing. The 'X' is quite obviously a reference to XFCE, and the logo
> features the XFCE mouse. The impression people are going to get is "this
> is Ubuntu but with an XFCE desktop, just like Kubuntu is Ubuntu with a
> KDE desktop" yet Xubuntu aims to be something different, and it just
> happens so that XFCE is used to make Xubuntu happen.

Indeed, just as ubuntu is quite different from gnome upstream and possibly
Kubuntu from KDE upstream. Most distros tweak gnome/kde and have been doing
for years so it's nothing unusual about doing the same with xfce.

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