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Mon May 1 10:37:06 UTC 2006

On Mon, 01 May 2006 12:02:16 +0200
Luzi Thoeny <lucius.antonius at> wrote:

ve like a menubar.
> >
> are we not going to have applications/places/system like
> ubuntu-gnome? if possible, i'd go for this solution, because it is
> already a standard on ubuntu-gnome, and i'm sure they have spent lots
> of thought on it.
> i'm against a button without text, because in the documentation, we
> need to tell people where to click. it needs an actual name, so we
> can write stuff like 'click on Applications->Office->AbiWord'. i'd
> call it 'Start Menu' or similar...
> whatever is decided here, i hope is decided soon, because i will have
> to change all the menu entries  in the documentation...
> ~luzi

   Name it what you like,,,edit it so it has the menus and apps you
want where you want, why do you want a hard and fast standard, this is
linux not windows. Call it menu, call it applications , call it stuff
whatever you like, seriously people learn to make your desktop behave
and look how you want. There are not quite the customisation options as
with kde or gnome, but you sacrifice those to get a lean fast system.
This argument discussion over what to call the menu button just
has me beat if you don't like it called applications ...change it ,
take charge of your own machine.

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