Conflict with gtkrc-2.0 from Kubuntu

Liz Young kandew at
Fri Mar 31 23:07:23 UTC 2006


I installed xubuntu-desktop from Kubuntu Flight 5.  If the file
~/gtkrc-2.0 exists, the xubuntu desktop never loads, just the
wallpaper shows but no panel or task bar (I think they crash just
after logging in from gdm or kdm).  Deleting the file fixes the
problem.  The file is created by the KDE GTK Styles and fonts control
panel and default looks like this:
# This file was written by KDE
# You can edit it in the KDE control center, under "GTK Styles and Fonts"

include "/usr/share/themes/Qt/gtk-2.0/gtkrc"

style "user-font"
        font_name="DejaVu Sans 11"
widget_class "*" style "user-font"

gtk-font-name="DejaVu Sans 11"

The same problem occurs on Breezy.
Is there a config to avoid reading this file on login?

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