Offering help at writing some documentation for Xubuntu

Robert Hentges Robert.Hentges at
Fri Mar 31 09:07:19 UTC 2006

Hi there,

Lately I am hanging around more and more often in the #xubuntu channel
on freenode. Yesterday evening it glimpsed to me that while I was
running Xubuntu on my machines, and by there trying to help to squeeze
bugs out of the code base, I wasn't actually lending an active hand.

Hence I asked "nomed" ( I am deeply sorry not to have /whois'ed him –
which is why I only know his nickname ), if there was a distinct place
where I could help out.

"Nomed" mentioned that I could perhaps make myself useful by writing
documentation, something which is at the moment done by Lucio alone, if
I have understood him well.

So here I stand offering my help. The question is: is it wanted, perhaps
even needed or not. :)

Bob Hentges


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