Bug: Nautilus also Floppy drive

Colin McDermott colmcd at optusnet.com.au
Fri Mar 31 07:58:54 UTC 2006

Not sure if it is my system. But I noticed that Nautilus started by 
default and brought all it's icons with it.

Also how does one mount a floppy drive in Xubuntu thunar? I can't work 
out how?


Álvaro Justen [Turicas] wrote:
> Hello daniele,
>> is it ?
>> you had even nautilus .. reading the other post ... i suppose you did
>> something wrong.... that's not xubuntu-desktop i think
> I installed xubuntu-desktop with aptitude, and it installed some
> "recommended" packages that xubuntu doesn't have. I'll format this
> patition and reinstall Dapper-server and xubuntu-desktop with apt-get
> to confirm this "aptitude bug".
> --
> Abraços,
>  Álvaro Justen [Turicas]

Colin McDermott
Reboot Computer Reuse centre
Ubuntu Lite

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