first steps towards a xubuntu desktop guide

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Mon Mar 27 14:13:11 UTC 2006

> hm, so should we:
> - ask on the ubuntu-doc mailing list?

unless someone answers here until tomorrow, yes.

- ask about it? he is mentioned
> on the xubuntu wiki page, and it looks like he has something to do with
> xubuntu documentation.
> - develop it externally?
> two more questions:
> - how finished is the Panel/Menu Setup? I wouldn't want to write all the
> "please click on Applications->Network->Firefox" sequences before the
> menu structure / panel layout is "frozen".

not finished yet. If possible just write the parts which do not relate to
The panel layout is closer to final look though than the menu layout so at
least the
various panel plugins can be described.
I am not sure how this overlaps with upstream Xfce's documentation efforts
for 4.4
We should reuse/help on their docs if possible.

i remember there was some talk about having a 'Places' item next to
> 'Applications' in the panel, just like gnome-ubuntu. is that still
> planned? this might be important for writing the guide.

would be nice, but not decided yet. Daniele has written one in python, could
get rewritten in C.

-how finished is the default look, esp. window decoration? If the
> default window decoration may still change, I'd rather wait before I
> take more screenshots.

with screenshots wait a bit more or put them in the doc to have the final
but expect to change it later. But colors mostly, the elements will probably
be the same.

Let's see what upstream chooses as default artwork for their upcoming
4.4beta1 in a week or two.

One thing you could lift from ubuntu docs if they have this covered, it the
gnome-system-tools section.
Setting up network, samba/nfs shares, users and groups, mounted partitions
and time/date settings.
These will be almost identical in xubuntu once xubuntu-system-tools gets in
the archive.

Also the sections on gdm/evince (again, if they have it written) can be
reused mostly without changes.

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