first steps towards a xubuntu desktop guide

Luzi Thoeny lucius.antonius at
Sun Mar 26 00:29:40 UTC 2006

hi all,

i've made some first steps towards a xubuntu desktop guide. there is 
only little content at the moment, but hey, it's a start!
please let me know whether you guys think i'm going the right direction.

you can grab the thing at:

if put in the right location in ubuntu-doc, you should be able to build 
it with the included Makefile.

Jani, any chance of getting this into the official ubuntu-doc subversion 
repository, so we can all work on it?


PS: i put a first build online, too. be warned, however, that my 
webhost's server will deliver it in ISO-8559-1, even though it's in 
UTF-8, so you may get some weird characters until you manually choose 
'display as utf-8':

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