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On 3/24/06, Álvaro Justen [Turicas] <alvarojusten at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I installed Breezy-server + xubuntu-desktop and have some doubts:
> 1- Why Postfix is included in xubuntu-desktop?

in breezy that was part of ubuntu-standard (or minimal I don't remember) so
is independent of gnome/kde/xfce, it is installed anyway. In dapper that is
no longer the case.

2- Why some GNOME libs are included in xubuntu-desktop? Witch programs
> use these libs?

which gnome libs?  gnomecanvas and gnomeprint are not real gnome libs if
that's what you
refer to.

3- Can I put icons on my desktop? How?

only with xfce 4.3 which is in dapper.  You can make rox-filer show icons on
the desktop too
but I never did that.

4- I want to install xubuntu in some PCs that haven't Internet access.

Exist an xubuntu ISO? If don't, why can I install it?

there are no xubuntu ISO's yet. There soon will be but only for dapper not

5- My sound isn't working :-( What can I do to solve this?

be more specific while filing a bug in launchpad it is probably not directly
related to xfce.

6- When installation finished i received a local mail with an error, I
> /etc/cron.daily/slocate:
> warning: updatedb: could not open database:
> /var/lib/slocate/slocate.db: No such file or directory

I remember seeing that too a while ago. Probably slocate was not setup
correctly by default

Most of these bugs will not be solved for breezy so if you want to make sure
the same does not
happen with dapper you may consider upgrading. Or wait for the first ISO
image hopefully next week.
I know I have been saying this for months now :)

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