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Vincent imnotb at
Tue Mar 14 14:39:10 UTC 2006


I did a clean install again, first Breezy server, install xubuntu-desktop,
edit sources.list and update, and it works, but now every page I visit in
Firefox (not in Opera) has a very small font size. Now I don't know if this
is a Xubuntu specific problem, but I just thought I'd post.

Also, I first did a fresh install without internet, then I first changed my
sources.list and installed xubuntu-desktop after that, the internet didn't
work, however, I did notice I got a Xubuntu-specific welcome page as my home
page in Fx. When I later did a fresh install and installed xubuntu-desktop
before upgrading to Dapper, I got the normal Dapper Drake welcome page, but
my internet did work.

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