scim packages needed for providin Indian language input methods

Soumyadip Modak soumyadip.modak at
Sat Mar 11 12:12:00 UTC 2006

> Can you list the packages required for scim and other functionality needed
> for indian languages
> so we can put  them by default on the CD? Similarly if anyone uses xfce in
> arabic, CJK and other non-latin
> locales let's start deciding on how to best support them. We may not put
> in
> everything that ubuntu and kubuntu
> have if some of these are tied to gnome/kde too much, OTOH we can have
> more
> of these packages if needed
> since there's more space on the CD.
> I remebered this seeing scim-gtk2-immodule is included now in
> ubuntu-desktop.
> Jani

Well I needed to install the following packages:

Of course after installation I had to run scim -d and configure a couple of
panel options, but nothing language specific.

Another thing I noticed, Firefox isn't rendering Indian language text
properly. This means that Pango is probably not enabled in the Firfox build
(--enable-pango). I know this is probably an Ubuntu issue, and that I should
be filing a wishlist bug against Firefox, but still, I'd like to mention it
all the same.
Soumyadip Modak
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