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Fri Mar 10 06:20:42 UTC 2006

Hello all,

It's looks like Xubuntu is getting ready for a first release.  I'm really
interested in this, I think it's going to be wildly popular.

I was thinking that Xubuntu will probably want its own website ( and possibly a dedicated forum on that site.  I would
like to make you all a proposal regarding that site: I would be willing to
arrange for hosting of the site and the forums, as well as a domain if
needed, as long as I could put Google Adsense ads on every page.  I'll try
not to put them in an obnoxious spot or overdo it- I am going to be using
this site too.  The only thing I'm not sure about is the viability of
hosting the ISO's on this site- I'm not sure if I can afford the bandwidth.
Might be best elsewhere, possibly with Cannonical.

Basically, I'd like to try making a little side money with a website +
Adsense, but I couldn't think of any content that isn't already flooded with
competition.  But Xubuntu will be really popular really fast, and you're
going to have a lot of traffic.  Xubuntu will need a nice website of it's
own- that's one of my key factors when picking a distro.  I also like it
when they have a dedicated forum on that site.  In other words, not linking
to, but having our own forum onsite.

I'm not the world's best web programmer, so I can't guarantee that I can do
a huge amount of technical work on this site, but I'd be happy to pay the
hosting costs, and then turn the keys over to whoever is the webmaster for
Xubuntu.  I have also done extensive research on web content management
systems and forum packages, and I would be happy to install and maintain
those, if you want.  I also have a fair amount of Linux experience, so I
could contribute to a FAQs section or HOWTO section.  I also speak fluent
Spanish, so I could help to translate at least parts of the site, or help in
a Spanish forum.

What do you think?  Any takers?

Thanks for your help!
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