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 The plan also foresees the creation of a unified look and feel for Ubuntu and Kubuntu.  

I think we should  use the same background as Ubuntu. 

                                        No, that would be a bad idea. To be unified doesn't mean that xubuntu should be a lookalike, but it means xubuntu should look Ubuntu-ish in terms of look and feel, while having its own character. 
    I think the distro should use the ubuntu color (color is one of the most important unifying motif) palette. Here is the palette:
    But not that dark brown that ubuntu uses. By the way, the ubuntu people still hasn't decided on the exact color either. 
    I  have already created for a custom designed look and feel for my desktop that includes a log-in screen, splash and wallpaper. I can modify these and also the the wallpapers uploade for the artwork page when the final color will be decided upon and upload them for viewing.  
    By the way, if anyone wants to see a well integrated distro look at the screen shots of the fedora 5 on the OSdir website. They have the dominant art-nouveau style artwork which has been repeated consistently throughout the distro, even incorporated the motif in the installer.  
    J. Mak
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