goodies packaging

Gauvain Pocentek gauvainpocentek at
Fri Mar 3 09:20:11 UTC 2006

Jani Monoses wrote:
> the preferred way is not a patch to the sources obviously, either
> debian/patches or
> a search and replace from the rules file after the desktop files are
> built from <>
> or whatever the package uses.
I had a look at xmms, gaim and gftp, adding a few lines in debian/rules
seems the preferred way to do it. The hack will still work if the
.desktop file is changed with a new release.
> Anyway as long as the xfce4-panel does not look at these it is not too
> important, so it's fine uploading without this
> now and we'll add the lines later.
I'd prefer doing it now, rather than patching later.

I'll try on the minicmd plugin, and if it's okay, I'll continue with
other goodies.



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