artwork weekend

j Mak joz_mak at
Thu Mar 2 22:25:45 UTC 2006

daniele favara <danjele at> wrote: On 3/2/06, Jani Monoses  wrote:
> this Friday and Saturday  there's an ongoing meeting in #ubuntu-artwork
> We should pop in and seek help for xubuntu artwork

Let me know what you think about it, i like it very much.

Even the color palette seems perfect, we can use RODENT icons and
graphite theme, but it looks nice even with Tango icons (i feel many
people will use them) .

Blue and gray are the main colors ... and the blue doesn't remeber Kubuntu.

                                                                            The colors are not bad, but other than that I don't see in what sense would this version be an improvement to the original one.
    J. Mak


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